Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California.

Mucho experience

20 years of experience with ad agencies, design studios, fashion brands, pharmaceuticals, beauty, entertainment, tech.


Concepts, design, art direction, typography, copy, presentations, audio/video, sfx/music.

About me

My name is Doland and I am a graphic designer with over a decade of experience. My career has spanned many industries such as advertising, fashion, medical, pharma, direct response, entertainment, children’s and others. I embrace new industries and markets and look forward to my next adventure. As of 2017, I live with my family in Ontario, California and work in the OC/Irvine areas and L.A.


miles to the moon
(on a good day)


cards in the original Garbage Pail Kids series


number of minutes we waste per day reading useless facts

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